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Sam Cover Spokane Valley

Sam Cover Spokane Valley on Top Grilling Tips Summer Is Peak Time for Back Yard Parties, Says Sam Cover Spokane Valley

About 79 million people grill out each year, according to the U.S. Census. Summer weekends, including Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day, are among the most popular times to have a back yard grill party. Becoming a grilling guru, however, takes practice. Chef Sam Cover Spokane Valley offers a few tips for successful grilling.

  • Prepare the surface. The surface should be clean. A good grilling chef uses a wire brush to clean the grates and remove residual food or char. They then wipe down the surface using a cloth and vegetable oil. They preheat the grill, then halve a potato and rub it on the hot grates to prevent food from sticking to the surface, says Sam Cover Spokane Valley.
  • Prepare the meat. Experienced grilles take the meat out of the refrigerator at least half an hour before grilling time. The meat will cook more evenly if it has rested on the counter for a while before cooking, says Sam Cover Spokane Valley. Cooks should brine pork chops and chicken before grilling to prevent them from drying out. Dry brining, or salting the meat a few hours before cooking, also works well, says Sam Cover Spokane Valley. Meat also tastes better if it rests for a few minutes after grilling before slicing, he says.
  • Leave the meat alone. Amateur grillers seem to want to flatten the burgers or continually move chickens around the grill, says Sam Cover Spokane Valley. Meat should be seared on the outside for the best flavor, but searing won’t happen unless the meat stays in one place. Consider using the reverse sear method for chicken, cooking it slowly over low heat, and then searing at the higher temperature. Avoid pressing on the burgers; pressing allows flavorful juices to escape, says Sam Cover Spokane Valley.
  •  Prepare vegetables properly. Cooks should toss vegetables in marinade or sauce after they’ve been grilled rather than soaking them beforehand. They should add salt after grilling because salt added beforehand can cause the grill to smoke. For best results, vegetables should either be cut into thin planks or rounds to give them more surface area or placed on skewers, Sam Cover Spokane Valley says.
  • Put a lid on it. Amateur grillers often make the mistake of opening the top to check on the meat frequently. Food cooks better when covered, says Sam Cover Spokane Valley.

Renowned chef Sam Cover was born and raised in the Spokane Valley and has managed kitchens in many of the nation’s most highly regarded restaurants and hotels. Sam Cover Spokane Valley is known for his fresh fish and seafood dishes and his advocacy in the farm-to-table movement. Sam Cover Spokane Valley is opening a new restaurant this year.

DG Contracting

DG Contracting remains committed to leading manufacturer’s award-winning shingle

Spokane County roof remodeling specialists DG Contracting continue to delight clients thanks to use of GAF’s award-winning roofing products.


As America’s number one provider of roofing products unveils its latest solution, known as Timberline HDZ, DG Contracting continues to delight clients thanks to its use of a variety of award-winning GAF products, including Timberline HD and Timberline UHD. Based in Liberty Lake, Washington, a DG Contracting spokesperson reveals more about GAF and its products, and how more homes in the U.S. are now protected by GAF roofing solutions than by any other system.


DG Contracting relies on a wide range of GAF’s variety of award-winning roofing products, including roofing shingles, starter strip shingles, hip and ridge cap shingles, roof deck protection, leak barriers, and ventilation and attic vents, to protect clients’ treasured properties. GAF, which stands for General Aniline & Film, is a manufacturing company based in Parsippany, New Jersey. The business is primarily focused on the manufacture of roofing materials for both residential and commercial applications.


Among DG Contracting’s most popular GAF-supplied roofing products is Timberline HD. Alongside newly unveiled product Timberline HDZ, powered by the New Jersey-based company’s innovative and all-new LayerLock technology, and Timberline UHD, Timberline HD is said to boast both style and value for money. In fact, GAF’s entire range of Timberline shingles, according to DG Contracting, represents great value, all being architecturally stylish and yet still practically priced.


Also offering outstanding performance, GAF’s so-called Advanced Protection Shingle Technology, they say, further provides excellent protection for clients’ homes, too, while additionally giving any roof a striking appearance with fantastic depth and dimension.


Further to Timberline HD, UHD, and all-new HDZ, designer shingles also available from GAF and DG Contracting include Slateline, Camelot II, and Royal Sovereign. Many GAF roofing products, according to DG Contracting, are available in a wide range of colors, including brown and red, black and gray, beige and gold, and blue and green.


“Over 90 million people have now relied on a GAF roof for protection from the elements,” explains a DG Contracting spokesperson. Over the course of more than a century, this makes GAF North America’s number one and most experienced provider, they say, of roofing products.


“Performing over 4,000 quality checks in the manufacturing of its shingles to ensure the best possible efficiency in protecting clients’ properties,” adds DG Contracting’s spokesperson, wrapping up, “it’s no wonder that more homes in the U.S. are now protected by GAF roofing products than by any other system.”

DG Contracting

DG Contracting Highlights Common Roofing Problems

Roof remodeling specialists DG Contracting explain four of the most common problems with existing roofing.


Taking great pride in improving clients’ treasured properties, roof remodeling specialists DG Contracting are a foremost Spokane County company dedicated to industry-leading roofing remodels. Focused on Liberty Lake, Colbert, and Spokane, Washington, DG Contracting highlights four of the most common roofing problems in the U.S. today. 


First, the company points toward leaking. Often the result of improper installation of flashing, a leaking roof should, says DG Contracting, never be ignored. When left unchecked, even a small leak can result in mold, mildew, and more serious rotting of various aspects of a property’s construction, according to the successful Spokane County roofing company. 


Next, DG Contracting highlights the issue of poor installation more generally. Often the result of unsatisfactory workmanship, the problem of poor installation demonstrates the importance, they say, of selecting a roof remodeling specialist dedicated to industry-leading standards, such as Liberty Lake-based DG Contracting. 


A less serious roofing problem, meanwhile, but one which can quickly lead to further issues and complications, is clogged gutters. DG Contracting says that clogged gutters can lead to many of the same problems as leaking. Such issues can, they suggest, be largely avoided by regularly checking and cleaning gutters to remove leaves and other debris. 


Where gutters are broken or otherwise damaged, a specialist roofing company should be called to take care of the problem, according to DG Contracting. 


This neatly leads DG Contracting on to their fourth common roofing problem – a lack of maintenance. According to DG Contracting, regular maintenance is essential if a roof is going to last. Failure to maintain a roof can, they say, lead to pooled water, shrinkage, blistering, and cracking. It can also make a roof more susceptible to snow, ice, and other damage, they point out.


“A well-maintained roof is key to protecting the rest of your home,” explains a DG Contracting spokesperson. “Whether new or old, maintenance of any roof is vital,” they continue, “as is selecting a proven and highly experienced roof remodeling specialist when a new roof becomes necessary.”


Responsible for hundreds of industry-leading roofing remodels, DG Contracting is proud to be among Spokane County’s best roof remodeling specialists, backed by hundreds of glowing client testimonials.


“Rest assured, when it comes to industry-leading roofing remodels in Liberty Lake, Spokane, Colbert, and surrounding areas,” adds DG Contracting’s spokesperson, wrapping up, “that DG Contracting is the Spokane County roofing company for the job.”

DG Contracting

DG Contracting Now Among Top-Rated BuildZoom-Listed Businesses Thanks to Impressive 97th Percentile Score

Impressive BuildZoom score now ranks DG Contracting in the 97th percentile above more than 120,000 other Washington licensed contractors

Widely praised by delighted clients across Spokane, Post Falls, Cheney, Rockford, Worley, Liberty Lake, and surrounding areas, and having wrapped up 2019 with a wave of glowing testimonials, DG Contracting is now proudly ranked in the 97th percentile ahead of more than 120,000 other Washington licensed contractors according to BuildZoom.

“BuildZoom, founded in 2012 and based in San Francisco, California, is built on trust,” explains a DG Contracting spokesperson, “and a lot of data!”

DG Contracting LLC

BuildZoom is designed to provide users with recommendations that they can trust, combing through millions of license records, building permits, and consumer reviews. “Using BuildZoom is just like asking one of your neighbors for a recommendation,” says the company, “except instead of just asking one, you’re polling every neighbor in your community, analyzing their feedback, exhaustively researching credentials and work histories, and, only then, making a final decision.”

They connect, they say, homeowners to the most reliable general contractors in their area, such as DG Contracting, and make remodeling simpler, cheaper, and more predictable.

DG Contracting, based in Liberty Lake, Washington, holds a current Construction Contractor license courtesy of the Washington license board, according to BuildZoom. Their impressive BuildZoom score ranks them in the top three percent of more than 120,000 Washington licensed contractors.

BuildZoom scores are based on a number of criteria, including but not limited to-licensing and certification, responsiveness and communication, experience, and customer feedback. BuildZoom’s data shows that Limited Liability Company DG Contracting has worked on more than 220 permitted projects according to local building permit records.

Services offered by DG Contracting include residential roof installation, residential roofing repairs, partial roofing replacement, full roof replacement, and roof maintenance. DG Contracting specializes in all types of roofs, including flat roofing, asphalt roofing, and metal roofing.

The level of service offered by DG Contracting is reflected in the company’s many five-star reviews. “Thanks to DG Contracting, I have a wonderful new roof,” begins one such review, posted to BuildZoom. “They are professional and courteous, and best of all, stayed within the budget that they’d quoted me,” adds DG Contracting client Lynne. “I happily recommend DG Contracting for your next roofing project,” she adds, wrapping up her review.

To learn more about DG Contracting or to view DG Contracting’s BuildZoom score, head to https://www.buildzoom.com/contractor/dg-contracting-llc/.

DG Contracting LLC - Benefits of Timberline Roofing Shingles

DG Contracting LLC Reveals Benefits of Timberline Roofing Shingles

Trusted home improvement and roofing company DG Contracting, LLC offers a closer look at the benefits of employing Timberline shingles from GAF.

DG Contracting LLC
DG Contracting LLC

With more homes in the United States protected by a GAF roof than by any other product, the firm’s roofing shingles are the solution of choice for DG Contracting, LLC, a trusted home improvement and roofing company based in Spokane Country, Washington. Servicing Spokane and surrounding areas, the business provides a closer look at GAF’s growing range of roofing products, focusing, in particular, on the brand’s award-winning Timberline HD shingle solution.

GAF is today marketed as the leading roofing manufacturer in North America, according to DG Contracting, LLC. Responsible for developing and supplying products such as Timberline HD, a high definition single with a limited lifetime guarantee, GAF’s abundance of roofing solutions are praised by DG Contracting, LLC and the company’s clients alike.

Favored by DG Contracting, LLC, Timberline HD from GAF is currently North America’s best selling shingle, offering both value and performance in an authentic wood-shake look.


DG Contracting LLC | Improving Resale Value

Touted to improve any home’s resale value, Timberline HD promises rugged, dependable performance, according to DG Contracting, LLC. What’s more, they say, by employing a GAF product, such as Timberline HD, homeowners are not only protecting their most valuable asset, they’re also beautifying their home for many years to come.

Architecturally stylish but practically priced, Timberline HD is supplied with a limited lifetime warranty, according to GAF. The product, they say, also boasts the highest roofing fire protection rating available: UL Class A, Listed to ANSI/UL 790.

Offering high performance, peace of mind, and delivering the perfect finishing touch to any roofing project, it’s for these reasons, and many more besides, that DG Contracting, LLC continues to favor GAF’s products.

Feedback for Timberline HD is overwhelmingly positive, both from contractors, such as DG Contracting, LLC, and customers across the board. “Timberline HD shingles are a great improvement to my home and should hopefully outlast me,” suggests a recent review for Timberline HD left by a GAF customer in Bridgewater Township, Somerset County, New Jersey.

Timberline HD presently enjoys an average customer product rating of 4.74/5 stars based on almost 75,000 homeowner reviews, according to GAF.

Furthermore, DG Contracting, LLC points out, wrapping up, Timberline HD roofing shingles have also earned a much-coveted Good Housekeeping Seal, first introduced in 1909 and now has helped consumers to make smarter purchases for more than 100 years.

To find out more about GAF, head to https://www.gaf.com. To learn more about DG Contracting, LLC, meanwhile, call 509-209-1894 or visit http://dgcontractingspokane.com/.

DG Contracting, LLC

DG Contracting, LLC Looks at Equipter RB4000’s Role in Protecting Owners’ Properties

From protecting owners’ properties from falling debris to safely reaching high areas, DG Contracting, LLC shares an insight into the use of the Equipter RB4000 roofing buggy.


The use of a roofing buggy, such as the Equipter RB4000, is essential in protecting owners’ homes and businesses from the possibility of falling debris, as well as to reach high areas as safely as possible, according to DG Contracting, LLC. A trusted home improvement and roofing company servicing Spokane, Washington, and surrounding areas, the firm offers a closer, professional look at its use of the RB4000 from Equipter.


The RB4000, DG Contracting, LLC reveals, runs on a 13-horsepower Honda engine. It’s an engine, they say, capable of taking it virtually anywhere on a job site. With a tight turning radius and evenly distributed weight, the roofing buggy also reduces the risk of property damage and won’t leave ruts in customers’ lawns, according to the Washington-based roofing company. A 12-foot lift, 4-foot roll-back feature, and a near-4,000-lb capacity container further support both efficiency and a cleaner job site, claims the successful RB4000-equipped firm, established in 2013 on a value system of customer service and integrity.


“Whether you’re frustrated by hours of clean-up, slowed down by worn-out crews, or worried about flat profit, you understand that with the right tools and processes, your roofing business will break through to the next level,” suggest the RB4000’s manufacturers, Equipter, LLC.


Equipter, LLC was established by CEO Aaron Beiler following 15 years at the helm of a successful family-run roof replacement business. Knowing that more efficient debris removal could make a significant difference in how quickly and effectively jobs could be completed, and with no equipment existing to manage debris to the level he envisioned, Beiler and his sons sketched their own ideas for a tool which could perform to their expectations. Originally named the Roofer’s Buggy, what is today known as the Equipter RB4000 was born.


In addition to the RB4000 roofing buggy, further Equipter products include the RB3000 dump trailer, the RB2000 portable dumpster, and the CR8000 mobile crane.


Equipter’s debris management solutions, according to DG Contracting, LLC, have changed the way in which roofers work. What’s more, all Equipter products, they reveal, boast American-made components and are manufactured in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It’s an area of the United States, suggests the firm, wrapping up, known not only for its solid work ethic but also for its old-world values, situated just a 90-minute drive from Philadelphia.


To find out more about Equipter, head to https://www.equipter.com/. To learn more about DG Contracting, LLC, meanwhile, call 509-209-1894 or visit http://dgcontractingspokane.com/.

DG Contracting, LLC

DG Contracting, LLC introduces 15-year warranty on workmanship

Spokane County roofing company DG Contracting provides a closer look at its 15-year workmanship warranty.

Located in the Spokane County city of Liberty Lake, Washington, roofing company DG Contracting, LLC is on hand for roof repairs, replacements, and advice across the Spokane Valley and surrounding areas. Established more than five years ago and committed to integrity and customer service, the company also proudly offers a 15-year warranty on workmanship.

Formed on a value system centered around customer service and professional integrity in 2013, DG Contracting employs only top-of-the-line roofing materials from brands such as Timberline and PABCO, further supported by an industry-leading 15-year warranty on all workmanship.

Taking great pride in their work, DG Contracting, LLC believes that the customer is always right. “At DG Contracting we believe, first and foremost, that the customer is always right,” explains a company spokesperson, “and we take great pride in our workmanship, and in improving our clients’ treasured properties.”

This, they say, is fully backed by the company’s 15-year workmanship warranty.

With more than 50 years of combined roofing and construction experience, DG Contracting, LLC’s team employs not only the latest technology—such as Equipter RB4000 roofing trailers—but remains wholly committed and attentive to customers’ needs throughout the roofing or repair process.

From appraisal of the current condition of an existing roof to advice on whether a property calls for repairs or a replacement, quality of service matters above all else to DG Contracting, LLC’s dedicated team, according to the firm.

Feedback for DG Contracting reflects this. “The work I had done was top quality, and was completed faster than I anticipated,” reveals DG Contracting, LLC client Brad in a recent review. Another review, courtesy of client Mark, goes on, “What a great experience working with DG Contracting – these guys are top-notch.”

He continues, “The quality of workmanship was outstanding! We would highly recommend DG Contracting, LLC and are totally ecstatic about our new roof.”

Further five-star reviews go on to praise the company for its hard work, polite and respectful crew, conscientious approach to repairs and reroofing, and immaculate post-job clean-ups.

“Let the professionals help,” adds DG Contracting, LLC’s spokesperson, wrapping up, “and rest assured that, backed by our industry-leading 15-year warranty on workmanship, DG Contracting, LLC is the Spokane County roofing company for the job.”

To learn more about DG Contracting, LLC call 509-209-1894 or visit http://dgcontractingspokane.com/.

DG Contracting: Why Quality & Competency Matter Concerning Your Roof


DG Contracting LLC
DG Contracting LLC

DG Contracting, LLC, is a well-established and trusted home improvement and roofing contractor servicing Spokane, Washington, and the surrounding areas. DG Contracting’s sheds light on the importance of quality work, top of the line materials and products, along with licensed professionals.

The roof may look structurally sound to the human eye, but the underlying structure is often where damage or wearing away begins due to several different factors. These structures involve the underlayment, flashes, and gutters, which are best left inspected by a licensed roofing professional.

Damage from excessive rain, storms, rodents or mold can wreak havoc on a roof, especially one that is was not properly installed. Sometimes, the storm’s wind, hail, heavy rain, or lightning strikes create unknown damage that worsens over time. If small damage is created and goes unnoticed, this is when leaks, rotting, and deterioration can occur as time goes on.

Damage from water is usually caused by an uneven roof that wasn’t laid or set correctly, which causes the pooling of water.

DG Contracting doesn’t cut corners. They use the top of the line roofing products, and they always provide excellent service to all of their customers. Standing behind their craftsmanship, DG Contracting offers a 15-year warranty on their roofing projects. DG Contracting, LLC, has over 50 years of combined experience and the owner formed his company on a value system of customer service and integrity. He and his staff take great pride in their efficient work and the owner’s property. They understand that the customer is always right; that’s why they never use sub-contractors for any of the work. DG Contracting does it all from start to finish, and Sam is always on the job site.

The DG Contracting Difference

  • Top of the line products such as Gaff Timberline
  • 15-30 year warranties
  • The owner is on every job site
  • Well-trained and licensed roofers
  • Respectful of your property
  • Treats each project like it is a family member’s home
  • Invested in the Equipter RB4000 ($45,000 machinery) to keep your lawn and property free of debris
  • Highly regarded for their prompt, professional, and reliable expertise, they always provide excellent service to all of their customers. DG Contracting is highly recommended time and time again by their customers due to their outstanding service and craftsmanship. If you need repairs, complete roofing installations, replacements or re-roofing, they’ve got you covered
DG Contracting, LLC - quality over quality

DG Contracting, LLC: Why Quality Over Quantity Will Always be This Roofing Company’s Priority

When you need a new roof or any home repair or remodeling job done, what’s one of the best ways to find experts with good reputations? Well, you can look and see who’s advertising and marketing in the latest local home magazine, or you can search online, but are those really the most trustworthy options? When it comes to top-notch, quality work, it’s always best to hear what other clients are saying about a company.

Word of mouth testimonials and recommendations will never grow outdated because they are the only way to know the honest truth about an organization. When it comes to roofing installations and repairs, no one has better reviews than DG Contracting, LLC.

If you look through DG Contracting‘s Customer reviews and testimonials, you will see five stars after five stars for their overly satisfied clients.

“The owner and his crew did an incredible job on our roof!!! The cleanup was very impressive!!! They had to deal with road construction on HWY 2 daily. This was a time-consuming process, to which nobody ever complained! The finished roof far exceeded our expectations! I would highly recommend DG Contracting for any of your roofing needs!”—Dan R.

“We had a really good experience working with DG Contracting for our roof replacement. Many historical issues with the roof were resolved by ongoing communication with the owner. His team fixed the problems caused by the previous roofer’s installation errors, and now we have a leak-proof roof! In the future, we may even work with them to install a skylight and will definitely be referring them to our friends for their excellent work.”—Rex Y.

DG Contracting has nearly 30 years of experience in roofing, and they always go several steps further than their competition.

Top of the line products such as Gaff Timberline
15-30 year warranties
The owner is on every job site!
Well-trained and licensed roofers
Respectful of your property
Treats each project like it is a family member’s home
Invested in the Equipter RB4000 ($45,000 machinery) to keep your lawn and property free of debris

DG Contracting was awarded the “Best of Winner” by the Home Advisor Awards. In order to receive this honor, a business must have the highest customer ratings and zero complaints. The Home Advisor committee only meets one time each year, and at this intensely researched meeting, they choose just one award winner per area. The Home Advisor has awarded DG Contracting 5 stars for each category, which includes Quality, Customer Service, and Value for Money.

Heavy Rains & How it Affects your Roof: DG Contracting, LLC

In Washington, rain is a regular occurrence that locals learn to live with and work around, but what effect does year-round rainfall have on your roof? Rain, specifically heavy ongoing rain can wreak havoc on all of the structures of the home, especially the roof. DG Contracting are the experts in roofing, and they shed light on how rain can affect your home.


DG Contracting LLC
DG Contracting LLC

Although shingles protect very well against water via an impervious shield, shingles can become damaged by rainwater in multiple ways. The first is by coming loose or falling off and becoming dislodged. Many times, after a rainstorm has passed, owners will notice shingles are scattered on their property, or they might see broken or loose shingles hanging out of place on the roofline. These must be repaired immediately. Any exposed areas on the roof can lead to water damage, leaks, and mold.


DG Contracting understands that mold is a problem that no one wants to deal with, but unfortunately, consistent wetness from rain causes mold, mildew, and algae growth to occur rapidly. Homeowners should have their roofs regularly inspected by a professional to see if any mold or other growth is happening under the roofs shingles, tiles, or other roofing materials. Mold can penetrate the roofing structures and grow into the home. Before toxic growth takes place or spreads, seek professional help. If you notice that your roof is black or green, you need to hire a licensed roofer to inspect, clean, and repair it properly.


Tiles are one roofing material that often cracks due to excessive rain. Over the years, you might notice that your tiles are broken, chipped, or discolored. It’s imperative to get them repaired to prevent water seepage and leaks, as these will cause further damage to your roofing structure and your home. 


Highly-regarded and well- respected, DG Contracting, LLC has over 20 years of experience with roofing repairs and installation. Their clients continuously give them rave reviews because of their commitment to go beyond what other roofing companies offer. DG Contracting treats each customer’s roof and home as if it were their own.


Contact them today to find out more.